Letting Go

June 20, 2017
Let the Music Play
May 15, 2017
Isa 58:8 “Then My favor will shine on you like the morming sun, and your wounds will be quickly healed. I will always be with you.

Deu 32:2 “My teaching will fall like drops of rain and form on the earth like dew.”

Isa 45:8 “I will send victory from the sky like rain”

I wanted to cling to the people that I love, but I had to let go of them like a dove.
Father You know how difficult it was for me to let my three children go. They are each a piece of my heart that is walking outside my body. You know a mothers heart. How can a mother go on without her children? I felt alone and wounded. But then Your favor shone on me like the morning sun and my wounds were healed. The moment I let my hands open to let them go, my hands were also open to receive Your rain, Your blessings. My heart is still O Lord. I’m at peace. Your Holy Spirit is with me. He guides me and comforts me. Your light is shining on me. Let it fill me up so that I can be a light to others. Let Your light shine through me.
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