May 14, 2017
Open our Eyes Lord
May 15, 2017
Song of Solomon 4:1 “Behold, thou art fair, my Love; behold thou art fair; thou hast doves’ eyes within thy locks. (You must have single vision like a dove, just focus on Yeshua)

Oh Lord, Adonay, you are my Maker and my Husband.
Your banner over me is love and I am covered by a robe of rightousness. Your peace oh God, keep my heart and mind safe in union with Christ Jesus.
You have set me free, so that I can fly higher and higher.
I can feel streams of living water pouring out of me.
My soul is still Lord, because I know, You are on my side. Therefore I can bear patiently my cross of grieve and pain. I know that You will provide in every change.
Lord, You guide the future as You have the past.
I delight myself in You and I will never forget Your nearness. I just tell You every detail and Your peace, that is far beyond human understanding, comes to me. Yes, I just tell You every detail.
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